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Every task for the Lord must begin with our seeking the Lord's guidance and blessing. Pray that the gospel might go forth into all of the world.

Pray for the national preachers who serve in various countries around the world. Pray for the campaign groups and national Christians that they can help the gospel to be presented in these regions.

Spread the News

Tell others about this effort. The more Christians who are praying and are involved, the more successful this great outreach will be.

If you know of others who would be interested in being involved in the work, refer them to us.

Financial Donations

In order to send millions of books with New Testaments we must join together in this effort!

How to donate
How your funds will be used


Begin planning a campaign or a similar effort in one of the target years. If a campaign is already organized, please consider distributing these books as a part of your work.

Learn more about the campaigns and what you would distribute

Give Us Your Ideas

Some places are physically difficult to reach by modern transportation. Do you have a way of reaching groups of people in these areas?

Contact us to share your thoughts