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What others have said about Becoming a Faithful Christian

The book Becoming a Faithful Christian has been of great benefit to us here in Brazil. We actually asked for 1000 extra copies some time ago and were sent 500. Those have long been distributed. Then we asked for more and I believe the stock had been depleted. I was wondering if they have been reprinted or if there are plans for such reprinting. We would like to have 1000 more here if we could.

Portuguese - March 8, 2005

Dear brother Eddie Cloer and WMS team, I'd like to thank you for the care and dedication to the Lord, and for sending us your material. If you have the Becoming a Faithful Christian book, and if you could send a large quantity for us to use we'd be grateful. The population of our city Pelotas is 350,000.

Portuguese - Pelotas, Brazil - July 13, 2005

Could you send me more copies of the Becoming a Faithful Christian book? . . . I'm asking for 100 copies, and I'd be very glad, if you send those to me. . . . There are many brothers asking for that book. . . .

Portuguese - Salvador, Brazil - July 30, 2005

Presently I do not have any (Becoming a Faithful Christian book) copy left, but would like to receive 100 copies to use in the work of evangelism, together with the church where I serve. . . .

Portuguese - Vila Velha, Brazil - July 23, 2005

Thanks for the books that you sent. Our campaign was a success, and we had more than 100 people asking for the Becoming a Faithful Christian book. If all possible, could you send us 100 more copies?

Portuguese - Betim, Brazil - May 24, 2005

We appreciate the copies of Becoming a Faithful Christian in Africa. This is a popular book and an excellent gift to members and non-members. Is it possible to [have] 2,000 copies delivered in our next shipment? If you can do this, please send them to African Christian Schools Foundation.

English - Nashville, Tennessee - December 31, 2001

We recently received a box of the French version of Becoming a Faithful Christian. We thank you very much. The copies were distributed to the brethren in the congregation who are already active Bible class teachers. I am already receiving requests for additional copies, both for other members of the congregation and for evangelistic purposes. We could probably use at least a couple of hundred copies for the work here.

French - Cote doIvoire -March 8, 2002

Could it be possible to receive more of the book title [Becoming a Faithful Christian]? It is a very good book, and several people have asked for it, so if you could send us 100 copies, we would appreciate it very much.

French - Paris, France - January 12, 2002

Thanks so much for your help in sending the [Becoming a Faithful Christian] books. They will be of tremendous help in our work. We have over 400 preachers in Africa alone . . . and many more worldwide. . . . If it is possible I would like to use your materials in all of our centers. I would anticipate our needs in each center to begin with would be about 100 copies of your materials and several hundred copies of your new book which includes the New Testament.

English - Restoration Radio, Nashville, Tennessee - February 11, 2002

Brothers, I would like to ask that you send us more copies of the BC book, because this book is one the mostly used in evangelism, for all the congregations here in Rio de Janeiro. We ask for a total of 60 books. . . .

Portuguese - Sao Joao de Meriti, Brazil - May 27, 2004

I'm writing to request more copies of Becoming a Faithful Christian. We would like to receive 50 copies of the book, to use for the edification of the body and for evangelism. We will be looking forward to your response. This is an urgent need!

Portuguese - Church of Christ in Patos, Brazil August 12, 2004

We are setting up a group for Bible studies, for the purpose of starting new congregations in the cities of Arembepe, Brazil. For this reason we would like for you to send us the book Becoming a Faithful Christian, that contains the [New Testament] at the end. We would like 50 copies of the book for the work in each city, totaling 200 copies.

Portuguese - Salvador, Brazil September 10, 2004

Feeling the enormous responsibility of evangelism, I write this letter. We have a classroom of people who need more knowledge on God, the redemptive work of Christ and on the power of the Holy Spirit. For this reason, I ask you to send (us) copies of the book Becoming a Faithful Christian, as many as possible. We want to specify our need, at the very least, 100 units (copies)!

Portuguese - Church of Christ in Ribeiro Preto, Brazil September 23, 2003

We will be initiating that new congregation in June or July. Between now and then we will be working with 25 to 30 Christians who live in that area to evangelize through personal studies, small groups, Bible courses offered to the public, etc. I would like to utilize the book in our evangelistic efforts in that area. If possible I would like to receive at 100, and preferably 200, copies . . . every three months. . . .

Portuguese - Recife, Brazil November 2, 2002

Again I want to thank you for the great work you are doing in service to our Lord. In regard to materials you produce, we would like to ask for 250 copies of Becoming a Faithful Christian, as we plan to use these for evangelism and for gifts for students at Bible School.

Portuguese - Aracaju, Brazil May 15, 2003