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Points of Light: The Target

The specific target for the year is . Please use the "" link on the left for more information. The year will target . Please see the global plan for a map of the world and target years.

The Strategy (for outside the US)

The strategy will be points of light. These points of light will be scattered over the populated areas of the target locations.

Each point of light could be a national preacher, a school, or a faithful Christian who has agreed to provide a location for the distribution books.

From each point of light, Becoming a Faithful Christian books will radiate out to the people who are searching for the way of salvation.

Identifying the Points of Light

Perhaps you can direct us to some location in countries around the world that could be a distribution point.

For example, it could be a place where a national preacher is working with your support or where you have gone on campaigns. Please, tell us about that point of light.

Let us know when you are going on a campaign. We can have books waiting when you arrive, so you can make the distribution of them part of your campaign.

You can help us get these books into the hands of  people who are interested in reading the book and learning the way of salvation.

Learn more about campaigns

Contact us about becoming a point of light
How to become a point of light for this work:

  1. Contact Us

  2. Let us know of a campaign or a Christian living in the target area.

  3. We will work out the printing and shipping of the materials.

  4. Distribute the books from the area you are working.