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Becoming a Faithful Christian

The book contains twenty chapters on what one must do to become a Christian and the beautiful plan God has given for living as a Christian. It contains the basic gospel message that every Christian wants to share with lost souls.

Questions are provided at the end of each chapter to challenge the reader to review what he or she has read. Brief answers to the questions are found at the end of the first section of the book to assist readers in understanding the Scriptures and the Bible-study lessons.

An attempt has been made to make the book a self-contained study-volume so that if the reader never hears another gospel sermon, if he never gets an opportunity to hear a missionary speak at length about Christianity, he will have enough information in these twenty lessons and in the New Testament to become a Christian and live as a Christian.

Becoming a Faithful Christian was revised specifically
for the "America 2008" project and is entitled Into the Abundant Life.
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A Complete New Testament

The main attraction of the book is the complete New Testament that it contains. The reader can clearly see the great plan of salvation and how God has instructed His followers to live before Him.

A Personal Letter to the Reader

There is a personal letter on the first two pages that tells the reader what the book contains and why it was given to him. It tries to lay before the reader the essential message of Christianity.

The overall plea of the book is "Read these lessons on the way of salvation. Then turn back to the New Testament, and see if this is not what it teaches."

Why Send These Books?

This book has proven effective as nearly one million have gone to Africa, India, and other sections of the world.

Some may ask, "Why not just let people download these books and save cost in shipping and printing?"

This would be an excellent solution if everyone in the world were able to access the Internet. Although millions of people use the Internet, there are still millions more who cannot access it. We want to give EVERYONE the chance to hear the gospel message.

Available for Download

The book is available for download to those who are able to access the internet. We want as many people as possible to access it online.

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