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Sharing the Abundant Life

Suggested Sermon Topic Ideas

We would like to suggest that as the congregation is going through the Sharing the Abundant Life Series, the preacher reinforce the lessons by bringing sermons during the worship period on topics such as the following:

  1. Why is evangelism so urgent? What is the only real solution to the problems that we see in America and around the world?
  2. Why are souls so valuable? Why should saving souls be the church’s highest priority?
  3. What king of relationship should we have with those outside of Christ? How do we want non-Christians to perceive us?
  4. If the church becomes active evangelically, will the devil and the world just sit idly by and do nothing? How should we react when the world persecutes us?
  5. Why are some receptive to the gospel, while others reject it? What should we do when people reject the gospel?
  6. What is true conversion to Christ? How much of our allegiance does Jesus want? What does it mean to count the cost? Are we personally committed to Christ?
  7. What exactly is the abundant life that Jesus promised? Do we personally have the abundant life? Why should we share it with others?
  8. What is repentance? Why is it so necessary to salvation? What considerations motivate a person to repent?
  9. Why is baptism part of the plan of salvation? How does baptism relate to the church? How important is the church?
  10. What is the relationship between free will and persuasion? If we persuade or exhort somebody to obey the gospel, would they still be doing it out of free choice?
  11. Why should we seek to restore those who have become unfaithful? What ultimately happens to those who defect from Christ?
  12. How important is it to nurture new babes in Christ so that they don’t fall away? As a congregation, how can we help new Christians to remain faithful and to grow in Christ?
  13. Why should evangelism be a continuing part of the church’s ministry? How can we keep the evangelistic spirit alive in a congregation?

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